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Katja Goess-Saurau

When I had found The Work in 2009, my life had become unbearable for me. I had four children, two of them quite young, and a marriage in which I was not happy.

In 2008 there where two deaths in my close family and in the years before I had suffered five ectopic pregnancies and had given birth to a dead baby. I was smoking and felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. I was full of fear, and also now, that I had my four children, I believed I would not be able to handle it. I felt alone, carrying everything by myself, and I had lost all contact with the real me and the real world outside.

When I decided to go to the School in Los Angeles in the summer of 2009, I had not believed that I could leave my children for two weeks and overcome my fear of flying. It was out of pure desperation that I signed up for the school—just a few days before it started—never having done The Work before!

I had seen videos on the internet of Katie doing The Work with people who were talking about things that I considered worse than what had happened to me and they were laughing at the end. There was this incredible clarity in The Work and I knew that this was what I wanted and needed in my life.

Ever since then I have been doing The Work. I have found a more loving way to communicate, I have have found honesty, I found humor in the way how I like to trick myself, and I have also found love for the little girl in me, which I once disliked so much. I am on my way to inner peace, slowly and steadily I am walking this path with The Work as my tool, and I am finding this process to peace very exciting!

Today, I live a happy family life in the country with my husband and my four children, whom I all love with all my heart and who all do The Work. My work with horses has improved and I also have done plenty of worksheets on them. I teach the Work to athletes, children, parents, businesspeople, or whoever wants to know about it. I have quit smoking and I am happy to help anyone who wants to do so with The Work. I have a small studio in Vienna, where I do The Work on an individual basis and where I also do The Work in small groups. I am also available on skype.

English, German, Spanish
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