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Kerstin Dambeck

I can truly say that The Work has changed my life in every area. Even though I am a pretty average person, without any tremendous drama’s so far, my life changed dramatically when The Work started living in me in 2009. Seeking and longing for the love of my life used to play the main role in everything I did and I would have done a lot for love, even at the expense of my children, my work, my health, my time. My integrity was low.

When I started doing The Work on a regular basis I realized both, how dependently I behaved, what a low self esteem I had, and at the same time how innocent I was in that. It drove me to tears. Also I started to realize with every cell of my body that there is no one out there, who would do the job of loving me for me, that I was the one I had been waiting for for so long. That was a huge realization. I remember after my first one-week-The-Work-event I lay in bed and couldn’t sleep. I heard the morning birds singing and the leaves rustling in the wind and instead of being angry I enjoyed being with this amazing woman that was me and who I had come to understand so much more.

The huge milestones along the way of doing The Work were that I finally could forgive me for having had an abortion. I have a normal, friendly and loving relationship with the father of my daughter I used to hate and being fearful of and fight with (this still feels like a miracle for me). I can see my three children as beings of integrity and can love them just the way they are, be truly interested in their lives, love their opinions, leave them alone and just enjoy their presence whenever I have the privilege to be with them. I came to see how much love my parents had given me and still give and that they were the best parents of the world and how grateful I am to have them. And I gradually stop loving and longing for the image that I created of my partner the very first moment we met and come to love the real one instead more and more. For all that and much more I’m grateful for having found The Work beyond measure.

Someone asked me lately if you are ever done with The Work once you start the process. I hope it’s never done. Because doing The Work is also pure joy and I have laughed more in this past years than in my entire life before, although I’ve always been someone with humor and a big laughter. I’m truly looking forward for the next situation that stresses me, because I have profoundly understood that these occasions happen for me. They wake me up where I’m still asleep.

My specialties are Feedback & Criticism; Children; Relationships of any kind; Dealing with Reality.

I started my professional life as a teacher for Mathematics and Physics in 1988. When I migrated to The Netherlands in 1991 I started a new career as a translator and subtitler Dutch-German. Since 2014 I’ve been also working as a facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie, certified in January 2016. I run an office for The Work with my dearest sister Petra Dambeck-Winter in Berlin, Germany, and do translations only occasionally now.

I invite you to do The Work if you are really interested in a life at peace, if you want to improve the quality of your relationships, if you want to learn the language of love and be able to speak it, even in challenging situations. And I’m happy to support you in that.

Dutch, English, German
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