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Kristie Vogel

I first came upon The Work through the book, Loving What Is. I picked it up, and as I read, it just made so much sense. My first experience with The Work came to me spontaneously on a long weekend get-a-way. My partner and I were on a bike ride in Napa Valley, California when I heard my thought: “She doesn’t want to be with me”. I began to realize I was becoming irritated and sad, and I decided to do The Work on that thought. The result was laughter as I questioned and unraveled this belief and discovered the power of believing a lie.

I attended my first school for The Work in October of 2008. For me The Work is a journey into the truth. As I continue to inquire, I discover each day more of who I truly am. The Work helps me to get through my hard defensive shell to the love, kindness, and clarity that is within me. The Work has helped me to sit and wait for truth to rise up from within me. It has totally reinforced that we all have our answers within. If I am willing to ask the questions and listen, I eventually hear my truth. The Work helps me to be more present in my life, more present with my partner and son, and more open to the reality of my true nature…which is love. Doing The Work has helped me to see that my reality isn’t always what I think it is, and that the truth is always more peaceful than what I was thinking and believing.

I love doing The Work with others and being witness to their courage as they open to their truth. At the same time it also allows me to deepen in my own work. By trade I am a psychotherapist and have had a private practice for 28 years. I have worked extensively with people with issues such as trauma, addiction (food and drug), dissociation, phobia, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, conflict resolution, and depression. I work with individuals, couples, and families. The Work is not therapy, but for me it is always very healing and therapeutic. In my experience The Work meets you where you are and can take you as deep as you are willing to go. I’ve found that there is no problem that The Work cannot help with.

If you are interested, I would welcome doing The Work with you in person in my Berkeley office, on the phone, or on Skype. The Work really is the end of suffering…one belief at a time.

California, United States
510.708.2523 cell
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