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Lee Greenbaum

As The Work became an integral part of my everyday life, I knew my lifelong search for “the way to peace” was over. I first attended The School for The Work in 1999 where I experienced how the 4 questions and the turnarounds offered me the personal invitation to go within. The Work turned me outside in, at times bringing me to my knees, humbled, and filled with gratitude. The experience of doing The Work invited me to see the truth, sometimes via many tears, often with sheer laughter at how hilarious the thoughts suddenly seem, and sometimes with just a simple “Aha”. Every aspect of my life has shifted from this work. Stressful thoughts about business, money, partner, family, health, body, aging, divorce, parenting, and life’s transitions, just don’t hold with an honest inquiry.

I started doing The Work when my children were toddlers. I became and was, and am, the Mom I wanted to be; non-reactive, clear, and kind. Having them grow up with The Work as part of family life was such a gift. It became a natural unfolding to work with others to explore their stressful thoughts around parenting, relationships, transitions, career, health, aging, and more.

Over 2 decades later, The Work continues to be my daily practice. The appreciation and gratitude for the simplicity and depth of these questions is ever present. Accessing my own internal wisdom and awareness through The Work gives me such exquisite joy and clarity. I see and experience kindness in the world – and my capacity for loving keeps expanding.

I welcome any thoughts you bring and am honored to witness the transformations that occur. I am available to do The Work with adults, children, and couples, in person, via Zoom or Skype, and by phone.
I also offer The Work in workshops in Northampton, MA, and where invited.

Massachusetts, United States
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