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Lee Greenbaum

As The Work became an integral part of my everyday life, I knew that my lifelong search for “the way to peace” was over. I first attended The School in 1999 where I experienced how the 4 questions and the turnaround offered me the vast and simple personal entrance to myself. The gate opened and The Work turned me outside in, at times bringing me to my knees, humbled, and filled with gratitude. The experience of doing The Work always brings me to the truth, sometimes via many tears, often with sheer laughter at how hilarious the thoughts suddenly seem and sometimes with just a simple “Aha”. Every aspect of my life has shifted from this work. Stressful thoughts about business, money, partner, family, health, aging, and parenting just don’t stay when brought to an honest inquiry.

In the last few years I did The Work to inquire about my physical pain and my painful thoughts about the body, losing my ability to walk, and my deep fear of dying on the operating table which ultimately would mean abandoning my children. During this time I noticed how all my stressful thoughts about this experience, both expressed and unexpressed, had become my 10 year old daughter’s thoughts too and that she was the living, glaring example of when Mom’s Work isn’t done yet. Through inquiry, I noticed how as the thoughts let go of me and my experience radically shifted, her thoughts and life changed too, with her sometimes doing The Work along with me, and sometimes not. I moved, and then she moved. What had been my horrific living nightmare of pain and suffering, became an experience of profound peace, a simple knowing on the way to surgery that whether I lived or died, walked or didn’t, everything always was and is good and as it should be. Having my children grow up in a family that has The Work is so much fun and such a gift!

I love to facilitate The Work and am excited to see what thoughts my clients bring and the transformation that occurs. I am available to do The Work with adults, children, and couples in person and by phone.

Please contact me with questions and to schedule a time to do The Work.

Massachusetts, United States
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