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Leon Deith

My background was in business, I part sold my company in 2006, same year my marriage ended, shocked and confused I decided it was time for a total life change.

At this point I just wanted to escape, I remember googling where I could swim with dolphins and whale sharks at 3am in the morning. From here I took myself off to Honduras and became a scuba diving instructor.

After a few months I came home, I have 3 children and could not be away from the UK, I reconnected with Yoga and meditation, and then found The Work. This was life changing, a simple but profound technique to help me see things clearer and kinder.

This was indeed a huge shift, I opened the Yoga Ananda centre in 2010, and have been life coaching and teaching yoga there ever since. Happiness is indeed a state of mind.

I work one to one on sky or zoom, in groups and on retreat.

United Kingdom
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