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Leon Deith

For most of my adult life I have been in business, I part-sold my company in 2006, that same year my marriage broke down.

Finding it difficult to cope with my pain in this situation, I found myself one morning at 3 a.m. on the computer working out where I could swim with dolphins and whale sharks. This took me for three months to the island of Utila in Honduras where I became a diving instructor, and regularly practised Yoga, my other lifelong interest.

I was missing my children and knew that this was just escapism. When I came back to the UK I started to attend lots of self-development courses, and during this time I found out about The Work. I read Loving What is, went to see Katie in London, and decided to go to the nine-day School. Alongside this I had opened Yogaananda, a holistic yoga centre near London, where I was teaching Yoga and meditation.

The School was an amazing journey of unravelling, I could find my part in the break up of my marriage and I came back feeling clearer and having more understanding. The process of The Work had begun, I started to question any negative thoughts and realised that my thinking was indeed the cause of my suffering.

The Work is now with me in everything I do. Iit has become part of me, it has helped hugely on my spiritual journey, it helps me to keep my mind clear and open, forgive others from a place of clarity, see faults in myself that I can change, enables me to accept—indeed welcome—every thing that happens to me, knowing that everything is for my awakening.

I offer The Work at our centre in Reigate Surrey UK, in the form of one-to-ones, weekly groups, workshops, and retreats to India and Italy.

Also available on Skype and am very happy to answer any questions you may have , looking forward to connecting with you.

United Kingdom
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