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Leslie Fell

I’ve had the honour to learn and experience numerous transformational processes across the world and it’s been my experience that the practice of The Work is the most beneficial to address judgements, projections, and stressful thoughts.

Facing major personal transitions earlier in life I sought a life line with psychology, mythic, and spiritual materials. Seeking balance, wholeness, and truth, I began to explore the healing arts of meditation and wisdom traditions. In 2000, I started to travel widely and studied with renowned scholars and indigenous medicine elders. I had the pervasive thirst of a seeker who sensed that something “out there” would deepen my understanding of my inner nature, heart and purpose.

In 2002, my journey with The Work of Byron Katie began. Many years later I immersed in the nine-day schools and courses offered. Delving deeply in this process enabled me to understand the degree to which I sought approval, taken on the role of victim and believed the underlying beliefs such as not being good enough. Realizing how the process of The Work complements other modalities I offer, I completed the certification program. It’s a great pleasure and privilege to now support others to also find freedom and peace, no matter the situation. I credit The Work for enabling me to untangle the web within me and providing me the ability to have clarity, be at peace with and trust what was and is unfolding. Areas I’m particularly interested in and experienced with include: transition (job loss, divorce, etc); illness, loss and death; money; anxiety and depression; relationships (parent, children, partner); and burnout.

My education began with a degree in Rehabilitation Medicine and a Masters in Community Health. Presently I have a mentoring practice that utilizes modalities such as mindfulness, dream work, divinatory tools, indigenous practices, quests, the process of inquiry (The Work of Byron Katie), the creative arts, and reconnecting with nature. I host “Fells Meadows”, a sanctuary retreat place in Ontario, Canada and am the founder of “Living Ways”: Sanctuary for What Matters, a non- profit dedicated to creating a more hopeful, compassionate, and sustainable world.

I offer individual sessions through Skype, phone, or in person when possible, as well as workshops, retreats, and telecourses. I warmly invite you to a complimentary consultation if you would like to explore the possibilities of working together.

Canada, Ontario
leslie.fell (Toronto)
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