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Malcolm Munro

I arrived at the Forgiveness Intensive event in October 2013 with almost no understanding of The Work. In that five days, I felt the power of The Work move me and hundreds of others.

I used to be a boring as bat shit country kid turned engineer, as cut as a rattlesnake on steroids if you triggered me, angry, cynical, skeptical, ego-driven, difficult to live with, addicted to knowing what others are doing, living my life through others, passive-aggressive, and now I am able to question every thought and belief that drives me. Every day is wonder-filled for me now.

My style as a facilitator is to listen deeply to your world, to inhabit your experience as closely as I can while guiding you through finding and questioning your thoughts and beliefs.

I have personal experience of multiple relationships; divorce; sexuality & gender identity; abuse; addiction; job success and failure; education success and failure; not feeling good enough; abuse; injustice; parenting; the death of friends and family including a child; making and losing money…

I will work with anything you bring — your work is my work.

Australia, Victoria
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