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Maria-Magdalena Dailey

Before The Work, I wanted to forgive and didn’t know how. I wanted to clean my house and I couldn’t do it. I blamed my husband for everything that was going wrong. I saw myself as a victim. Once I started doing The Work, I started to see I could do things on my own, I could clean, I could do chores, I could paint the house. The Work empowered me to forgive and do things on my own. And now I don’t do it all on my own, my perspective has shifted where I can ask my husband for help, and I can watch him do some projects without me volunteering to help him. I don’t get upset over my house not being clean, actually, I relaxed enough to welcome a dog into my house.

I have been using The Work in dealing with the loss of a dear friend and romantic partner, parenting a child on the autism spectrum, inquiring into my childhood world that at the time didn’t make sense, marriage struggles, and misunderstandings at work with my coworkers.

I am a wife and stay-at-home mom. I also subtitle videos on a volunteer basis. I invite you to the world of inquiry through The Work of Byron Katie. It has taught me how to forgive and I hope it will do the same for you.

New York, United States
English, Romanian
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