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Marilyn Pelman

I am a Wholistic Counsellor and Creative Arts Therapist and a W Game Leader.

I have found The Work to be deeply nourishing to me and I hope I can share it with you. It gave me hope that I had lost, that I could take care of myself in the world.

I have experienced long-term anxiety, panic attacks, parasomnia, and a sense of despair, that felt like it would never end from childhood. The Work supported me to see where I was creating suffering and tension in my life that could be addressed on my terms, during a session, instead of frightening me anywhere and anytime. I have used inquiry for small painful moments and huge life-threatening terrors. I invite you to do the same as I sit with you all the way. Nothing is too big to sit with together.

The Work has been a deeply satisfying journey for me and has brought me back to myself. It has deepened a sense of security in being me. That I am OK knowing myself. That is safe to do so. That I can not only like myself, but deeply love myself. I listen to my fearful thoughts and instead of hiding from them, I let them speak to me. I hear my beliefs about situations that provoke fear and anger in me and cherish them and take them to a worksheet. This simple change has lifted me, sometimes bit by bit and often dramatically, into a deeper peace. I don’t feel afraid of myself and the world anymore.

I especially like working with building peace in ourselves and in interpersonal relationships. I have worked very successfully with mothers and daughters and also couples as well as people on their own. I especially like working with balancing the masculine and feminine within and seeing this support rebuilding distance in relationships and within ourselves.

I am available to work with you online or in person to support you in looking within.
I know you have your own answers to deep peace of mind and I see me as a companion as you do so.

As Katie says, “You are the one you have been waiting for”.

Australia, Victoria
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