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Mary Cameron 

When I first discovered The Work I was in a failing relationship and terrified of my partner leaving me. I was looking for a process that could help me with the insanity I felt, and I found it in The Work of Byron Katie. Through The Work I could see my part in the relationship breakdown. I could see that I would be okay on my own. The fear of abandonment left me. Now, after writing many worksheets on my partner, this same relationship has become more beautiful and loving that I ever thought it could be.

From the beginning, this process has amazed me. It can take me from feeling crazy to sanity in a short period of time. So I committed to it and now l have this internal support system that brings me openness and understanding.

I had painful stories about my childhood that made it hard for me to spend time with my mother. After much inquiry, I notice that I feel so much more love for her. I enjoy talking with her on the phone. When I visit her, I am able to sit and be present with her and not get lost in old resentments. This feels like a miracle. I now take more honest responsibility for who I am and I don’t blame all of my shortcomings on my parents.

Before The Work my mind was quick to react. I could become angry, jealous and fearful easily. I saw myself as a victim. I am truly grateful that these traits have been mitigated. Now my heart is more open and loving to others, as well as to myself.

For much of my healing journey I explored somatic movement therapies, leading me to be a Movement Therapist. This helped me to experience embodiment and how my body registers my emotions. Yet I still had a mind that could take me on a wild ride. The four questions and the turnarounds gave me a structure to find peace with my thoughts. Now it is easier to stay present and not to be overwhelmed by my stories.

The Work has helped me to make peace with many topics including anger, feeling unworthy, mother, believing I don’t have enough time, sexual abuse, and dissociation. I have never found a topic too painful for The Work.

I am available to do The Work by phone, Skype, or in person.

New York, United States
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