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Mary Margaret Kendrick

After spending seven years of experiencing sadness and suffering during the long-term consecutive illnesses and deaths of my parents I was introduced to The Work of Byron Katie in 2003. The Work personally benefited me by showing me a better way to view sorrowful, stressful life experiences, including recurring regrets and grieving for the loss of loved ones. I came to see all suffering as self-imposed and optional.

I have worked with economically disadvantaged students, including many single parents, as a counselor at a community college for over 20 years. I have given numerous workshops to students on topics such as developing healthy self-esteem, communication skills, having a positive attitude and living life with an attitude of gratitude.

For the past two years, I have been giving workshops on The Work of Byron Katie to students at my college. I have found The Work to be the best tool I’ve ever used to benefit students—I’ve seen amazing results in an astonishingly short period of time. A student came to my office and in less than one hour I introduced her to The Work and I facilitated her on a forgiveness issue. To her amazement, immediately after doing The Work on this issue, she forgave her former best friend.

I am grateful to have been a volunteer hotline facilitator for the past two years. I have often felt unconditional love for people, sometimes halfway around the world, who call the hotline.

My experience is that many people, including myself, find forgiveness, lightness and even laughter immediately after doing The Work on stressful concepts. The Work continuously shows me a more peaceful, joyful and grounded way to live life. Contact me for a complimentary session. I work with adults, youth and couples.

South Carolina, United States
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