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Mary McCaffrey

I left Ireland in 1989, a 26 year old lesbian off in search of adventure, fun, and the love of my life who I was convinced was out there. She was the one supposed to complete me and validate me as a person worthy of being loved. I also thought I needed to escape my strict catholic upbringing, to become comfortable with my sexuality.

As well as discovering all that Sydney had to offer a young gay woman, I worked for 12 years as a palliative care nurse in Sydney, at a time when the AIDs crisis was at its worst and young people were dying daily. It was a confusing, scary time, yet also one of the most remarkable and rewarding times in my life too. I also worked with people from all walks of life, with all types of progressive incurable illnesses, mainly cancer.

Then in 2010, after the break up of a long term relationship, suffering with anxiety and panic attacks, I was floored. It hit me quite suddenly, but on reflection, it had been creeping up on me for some time, and I simply didn’t notice until I was in crisis. Nothing worked anymore and I went from a relatively content functioning person to a fear-consumed mess, afraid to go outside, terrified most of the time. I thought I was going insane.

I went looking for help, and each step of the way led me to another. I qualified as an NLP practitioner, a Life Coach, studied energy healing, practiced yoga and devoured self-help books, which all helped but something was still missing.

Then I discovered The Work, a simple and powerful process of identification of, and enquiry into all thoughts that were causing my stress and fear. That led to a major shift in my life. I discovered I was the love of my life, the one I had been seeking all along, and it was an impossible task to impose on someone else that they should complete me. That’s my job, not theirs. My relationships with family, friends, and lovers improved enormously since I discovered that.

I bought a coffee shop when I left nursing in 2010 and discovered I have quite an entrepreneurial streak in me. I am currently the owner of a beachside restauraunt and I enjoy the business world. Yet The Work is my passion, and where I want to focus most of my time now.

I invite anyone interested in The Work to contact me and my special areas of interest are:

Working with issues to do with sexuality, relationships, anxiety, and mortality, and The Work in business, especially coaching businesses.

I am available for one on one sessions, group sessions, Skype sessions, training in the business world, workshops, and retreats. My dream is to see a community develop here in Sydney, that meets weekly to support each other in using The Work as a regular practice.

Australia, New South Wales
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