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Marylynn Grimes

The Work, for me, is a pathway, a journey inward, a meditation. It allows seeing clearly what I am doing in any given situation and how suffering is born. Answering the four questions is an unraveling. When I truly answer them, it allows for the seeing of truth, seeing how I act, towards the world and myself, as I believe a particular thought. This sheer seeing opens a space, a potential for the thoughts to drop themselves, rather than me trying to get rid of the thoughts or to fix a situation.

I truly want to bring the best I have to the world and The Work has been my pathway. Answering the four questions allows me to get out of my own way so that I can actually do this. My life has transformed in a way that I never imagined. I enjoy life and people so much more than I ever have, and I am kinder to others and myself. The war is ending within me and with that I stop bringing war to the world. I am here to support others to do the same. Please call me if you want to do The Work.

New York, United States
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