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Metin Karakas

I am an engineer by profession and my intelligence (my mind) served me for a long time to advance in my education, career, businesses, etc. However, in my relationships I had serious issues with people, especially with my loved ones. My mind was frequently telling me that I was right and others were wrong. When I was introduced to the Work, I had some idea that I was not accepting myself (and others) the way others were and were not (or the way I was and was not).

The Work showed me the power of “don’t know mind” and provided me with the tools for capturing and questioning my negative thoughts about others and, of course my self. I realized and witnessed the power of “loving what is” for the first time in my life through direct experiences in this process. I am so blessed to have these magical tools available to me and love that everyone in my community also experiences the power of the Work.

Please contact me for any questions about the Work and how I could be of a support for you in your journey.

English, Turkish
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