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Micheline Marcoux

The Work is such a great and simple process. It allows me to face any event of my life with open arms and to shed some light on any situation, thought, fear, belief or emotion. Nothing is too dark or too scary to inquire into with The Work.

The Work has supported me in making peace with illness, divorce, parenting challenges, and all kinds of stressful situations. It helped me heal wounds from the past. I am more at peace with my life, just as it is. I live more fully, freer, with less worries about the future and other people’s judgment. I am more in contact with my emotions and I laugh more.

The Work supports my creativity, not only in my art, but in my professional life, and other areas as well. It enriches all my relationships, allowing me to be more relaxed, present, and connected. As a parent, doing The Work helps me be more conscious and resourceful, and that is quite a gift for me and my children.

I love that The Work is absolutely customized to me or the person doing it. I am working with my everyday life, finding ways to meet myself, my thoughts, and people around me with more awareness and kindness.

I started meditating in 2003 and have been studying Zen since then. I am a certified Big Mind facilitator and TAT professional. I have a master’s degree in speech therapy and have worked in counseling, education, and human resources. I am now an artist painter and a consultant that offers training and workshops to individuals and groups to support them in realizing and actualizing their full potential, shifting their perspectives, and bringing more peace into their life. The Work is such a compelling process for that.

I love doing The Work and sharing it as a Certified Facilitator. I offer it to groups and individuals. I wish everyone could experience it. It is my deepest desire to support you in getting in touch with your own wisdom, and giving a voice to your mind and your heart. If you are curious, want more peace, don’t hesitate to contact me to get a taste of The Work of Byron Katie.

Canada, Quebec
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