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Michelle Davis

The Work is such a powerful and effective tool for turning distress around. I used to believe that I had so many reasons to feel unhappy, unsafe, ashamed, and resentful. Eventually, I couldn’t fake my way through life anymore. Gratefully, in 2002 I found The Work. Since then, I have participated in numerous heart-opening classes, inquiries, and workshops with Byron Katie and others. I am in awe as I observe my life and the lives of others transforming into a much kinder way of living. As Katie suggests, “Don’t believe anything I say, test it for yourself.”

Four things I love about The Work:

  1. It is so simple. Write down what’s bothering you on a one-page worksheet. Wait with curiosity for your inner answers to four basic questions. Turn the stressful thought around to consider more possibilities.
  2. Nobody tells me what to do. The Work helps me tap into my own deepest wisdom. My insights and experiences show me specifically how to live a kinder life. It is an invitation, not a demand.
  3. It grows inner peace, joy, mindfulness, gratitude, humility, self-love, resilience, and kindness… It helps us flow with life instead of against it.
  4. We can apply The Work to absolutely anything. Minor frustrations or major traumas, victims or perpetrators, war or the weather—it’s all welcome and valuable for inquiry.

Areas I have extra experience with:

  • Troubled relationships: approval seeking, betrayal, hostility, abuse of all kinds, trying to change or save others
  • money issues: too much, not enough,
  • health concerns, body image,
  • self-criticism: unworthy, shame, not good enough,
  • parenting and family issues,
  • divorce, child custody, legal system,
  • anxiety, anger, bitterness, post-traumatic stress, depression
  • feeling trapped, lost, stuck, overwhelmed

If you are willing to see what you couldn’t see before, let’s do The Work. My intention is to provide a safe space for you to explore your stressful situations with daring honesty. The ongoing experience of doing my own work prepares me to support you in diving in as deeply as you can, and in returning to inquiry if you wander away.

I am available to facilitate The Work with men, women and children by phone, Skype, or in person. I offer teleclasses and introductions to The Work, as well as in-depth, hands-on 1-5 day workshops and retreats which can be custom-tailored for your business or group. Just ask.

Canada, Ontario
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