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Nancy Sowdon

Before I came to The Work, my life appeared to be successful—I was teaching cello, farming, and playing in a symphony. Underneath it all though, I was lonely, full of self-doubt, and afraid of conflict. I would try to do and be what I thought others expected of me. And I often found myself feeling empty and depressed.

In 2012 it came to a head when, on the farm we decided that we needed more help. We were exhausted and that wasn’t sustainable. My sister (and business partner) was in contact with another farmer. Her skills and farming style seemed perfect. When she came to join in, instead of joy, connection and relief, I plunged into the dark feelings of being replaced, unneeded, unwanted, and losing my home and investment in the farm. I thought I was going insane.

Then a friend and fellow farmer loaned me her copy of Loving What Is. As I read it I felt as if I had come home. I found Certified Facilitators in Oregon and got to doing The Work.

It has been four years now since that day. I have been to numerous Schools and other events and I can say that basically I am a happy person. I have learned the importance of checking in with myself. And I find that I am more accepting of myself and others.

The farm is for sale and much is uncertain. When fears and old patterns arise I know what to do. My practice in The Work sustains and re-grounds me.

I find special interest in applying The Work to these areas: fear of performance, personal limits, anger, body issues, GMOs, farming issues, animal abuse, and our lack of care for the earth.

I would love to do The Work with you. I am available over Skype or phone, as well as in person in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.

Oregon, United States
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