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Nicola Uthmann

Before coming across The Work, my self-esteem was basically below zero. I felt that I was in a constant struggle for both support and acceptance. In 2006 I came across Katie and her unique approach known as The Work. Well, what is there to say other than it has turned my life upside down in the most positive sense of the word. I learned for example to detect any negative thoughts about myself that were spinning around in my head and were influencing my life in an undesirable way. With The Work, I managed to change self-flagellation into self-respect and self-love. I am happy to see how much easier and faster I can forgive myself for my “mistakes” and still be kind to myself—this is an amazing feeling!

Over the years, The Work has become a big part of my life. A good example of how I have implemented this into my daily life would be the following: My little boy does not want to eat and I start a big discussion with him: you have to eat, now! I raise my voice and then—as if by magic—the question arises “Is that true?” Immediately I calm down, smile at him and say, ok, no food now, I understand. He smiles back. Peace. He starts to eat 2 minutes later (and that is also ok by me).

Here are a few more topics and thoughts that I have worked on intensively:

Parenting: conflicts with my children, expectations concerning my children, expectations towards my husband regarding our children
Relationship problems: he doesn’t love me enough, he is “the wrong one”
Self-esteem: I am not…I had better….I am too….I am not good enough.
My childhood: If dad only… My mother always… My teachers harassed me…
I would love to do The Work with you.

English, German
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