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Nur Uner

All my life, starting from childhood, freedom has been my dream. I have gone down every avenue which I thought would take me to it. I did attain a considerable amount of freedom, and there was always something missing. I used to say, “I will know it when I find it”. I met The Work when I was already working with a group of people on the awareness about our essence, our oneness with all of life, and the wisdom we all had within ourselves. Experiencing the difficulties in helping to bring about awareness and understanding, I had prayed and hoped for a method, a way that was easy to understand by people from all walks of life, regardless of their education level and their belief systems.

The first time I listened to Byron Katie it was from a recording of one of her facilitations. I was fascinated by the simplicity and the effectiveness of the method. The Work made itself available to everyone. It did not require a certain level of presence or sophistication or education. Having a University degree in psychology helped me in understanding the depth of The Work and how it affected everyone at a level that they were ready for. Its gentleness, kindness, and integrity deeply moved me.

Since that first time,The Work has been my main interest and occupation, and moving it forward has been my heart’s desire. Before The Work, I worked in various modalities in search of freedom. I tried everything that came my way and seemingly promised freedom, both in everyday life and in awareness and consciousness. Most of them helped me to move in the direction of the freedom I was yearning for, and I never felt I got there. With The Work, I felt I reached where I really belonged. I met myself where true peace, joy and freedom were waiting for me all along. Due to the enormous gratitude I feel I find boundless energy in me to work in every way that is presented to me to move The Work for a peaceful life.

I offer weekly seminars where we do The Work with an ever-growing group. We cover many subjects of life and issues that may hinder joy and happiness. I work with individuals in private sessions. My favorite subject is parenting. This gives me an opportunity to make amends for the unaware parent that I was before The Work.

I live and practice The Work in everyday life with my family, my colleagues in the interior design and textile production company that I established many years ago. This company, our production and everyone working in the company, are constantly growing by doing the Work.

English, Turkish
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