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Paula Brittain

The Work of Byron Katie is the most reliable method I have found to support freedom and peace of mind. The Work is a practice that brings radical freedom and love to my life every time I sit down to question my stressful thoughts. Much of my life was spent in debilitating depression, resentment and blame, which is no longer the case. Life today is fun, bright and wonderfully kind. Friends and family are pure joy and I am so touched by the closeness to all of them. This closeness would not have been possible without The Work turning my life around. The Work has worked so well regarding so many issues and in particular in the areas of addiction, divorce, self-esteem, paranoia and self-righteousness.

Please contact me if you want to do The Work. There are no stressful thoughts that cannot be addressed when writing a Judge-Your-Neighbor worksheet and Working through all of it. It is my wish that peace of mind is made available to everyone willing and open to stepping into this remarkable process of answering the four questions and turning thoughts around.

I do The Work by appointment and I offer a free first session if that serves you to begin doing The Work.

California, United States
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