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Petra Dambeck-Winter

Before I found The Work I was in a deep grief about the loss of my boyfriend, who died in an accident. One day I watched a video on youtube „I want my cancer to stop growing—Is it true?“ I saw Katie for the first time and immediately fell in love with her and also with The Work. I ordered all her books so far and also watched at least one video per day. In my head I repeated the death of my beloved friend over and over again. When it happened I was in Berlin and he in Caracas, Venezuela, on a mountain tour. He felt more than 40 meters down and I was told that he was dead immediately. I suffered not only because he wasn’t there physically anymore. I also suffered because of the pain I imagined, the moment he fell. I saw the pictures of him coming down and finally totally damaged. Also I repeated over and over again our last conversation. My mind was spinning me around: You should have loved him more. You should hold him more. You are guilty of his accident.

I did The Work with the Little Book which I downloaded from Katie’s website. And all the accident stopped happening. That was in 2006.

Now I’m a Certified Facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie. It is my heart desire to give that freedom and peace I found through The Work to you. I have learned so much from pain and suffering through loss and final good bye. My life changed so much. First I found a new partner. I live in a very friendly world with beautiful children. Sometimes I think it cannot be better and then there is a new door to open and to go through. I love that. Everything is just for you to grow to your full potential, to get free, to be the love you really are.

Through the last years I could also gather experiences in working with panic attacks, eating disorders, and angst. If anxiety and fear is the motor of your action, I invite you to do The Work with your thoughts. Love is so close to it. And reality is always the salvation.

I’m a state-approved psychologic non-medical practitioner. I have also further education in familiy constellations. I’m a member of the work-community in Germany. I attended a lot of workshops and educations with Katie and friends. I love to be a member of the ITW.

I have a little Work-Office in Berlin with my sister since 2014. There we offer on a regular basis Introduction-Workshops with The Work, Weekend Workshops on relationships and „Loving what is“ and residential weeks out of town on Self-love.

I love to give you what I was given in personal sessions. I do this all over the world through Skype, phone, or in person.

I invite you to do The Work and find the love of your life—yourself!

English, German
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