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Pierre Pellissier

When Byron Katie brought to my attention that the cause of my suffering was not in the situation but in what I thought and believed about the situation, my whole approach to dealing with my suffering changed. The Work gave me a practical and simple tool to question these beliefs with often almost magical, spectacular, and immediate results.

Meanwhile, I also noticed a slow, almost imperceptible, inner transformation. I started feeling a new confidence when I had to cope with difficult situations.
In relationships, I find myself less demanding, more at ease with myself, and also more able to relate.

My relation to the world somehow shifted as I found myself slowly less interested by my thoughts and more by what was around me: a chair, a flower, a tree, a pebble, someone. Consequently, I enjoy doing little things and living a simple life.

I have been a flight engineer on long-distance flights for many years. I am now retired and am enjoying being a therapist, coach, and trainer in conflict and stress management. Difficulties in relationships, divorces, parenting challenges, difficult life choices, mother, family, and money are also topics that I went through in my own life and inquired with The Work.

If you want to do The Work on a specific belief or a given situation,
If you need help to identify a stressful belief,
I would be very happy to do The Work with you and accompany you for a moment on your beautiful life path.

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