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Retha Els

Before The Work my mind was chaotic, and I constantly felt stuck, held captive by my inescapable thoughts. I constantly compared myself to others in a scary one-upmanship game. Other people’s opinions seemed more important than mine. I was directed by an internal, repetitive critical voice full of judgments and busy with images of how others and I were in the past and how we should be in the future. Then, through The Work, I became and am still becoming, more silent within. In the silence, the voice of my internal guide is replacing my critical jailer more to make choices that are conscious rather than reactive. I find myself often standing in open and curious awe of the exquisite beauty in the realness of life and who I truly am. An example is how I judged people for talking a lot, seeing those who I met with this judgment as too busy, scared and running away from themselves. It was difficult and painful for me to be with them. Recently, I met someone and only noticed in humorous delight, long after our conversation, that she talks a lot and yet, I had such a sense of warm compassion, I did not need to react in any way except by really seeing and hearing her. What shifted in me, to make it possible not to be bothered anymore, was that the thought “she talks too much” just did not come up to send my mind into its old familiar spin. It is within this that the true transformative power of The Work lies for me.

I am a psychologist who works in the business arena as an executive coach, either face to face or long distance over Skype. I specialize in doing The Work with people who no longer want to be ruled by old trauma in their lives or who sincerely want freedom from the critical jailer within. I invite anybody who wants to experience the transformative power of The Work to contact me.

South Africa
Afrikaans, English
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