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Rosie Stave

After years of searching for that “something” to feel whole, healed, and at one…what amazing good fortune to meet this! Nothing, in my experience cuts through my insane mind like The Work. I am totally grateful for this gift.

The Work has brought me to a place of living each day as it comes with increasing trust, peace and clarity. It has enabled awareness and healing in my relationships with my parents, siblings, ex husbands, and children. I have worked on issues of self worth, money, work and alcoholism. The Work continues to help me be light in the face of my son’s mental illness. Most importantly, inquiry has enabled me to heal the relationship with myself, the crucible of self-criticism has fallen away. The incessant addiction to compare myself with others has diminished. A more gentle, honest and humble me has emerged. This has birthed a way of life for me of living in inquiry.

I love offering The Work and have held the space of inquiry for others for more than 12 years. I welcome the opportunity to hold this space for you for whatever story is causing you pain and suffering. It would be my joy to meet you and offer you this simple, profound tool to set yourself free.

I work as a facilitator of The Work providing private sessions to individuals and couples in person and by phone or Skype. I also offer introductory evenings, weekend workshops and retreats in which the total focus is immersion into inquiry.

Australia, New South Wales
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