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Sagar Simon

My mother used to shout at me…I thought it was because she was angry, selfish and un-loving, and that she hated me. My mother seemed to be the cause of all my suffering, pain, confusion, and paranoia.

So, I decided I needed therapy. I tried all kinds of traditional therapies. I even got a degree in counseling. I thought this would help me out of my past pain and I could go on to help others “just like me.” I also tried non-traditional therapies and after screaming, crying, shouting, and thinking I felt better, I realized something was missing…I was trying to solve the problems and was forgetting the problem creator…

In 1999 I met The Work and Byron Katie, or rather The Work and Byron Katie found me. To this day I am grateful for the gift of The Work. I have discovered, through The Work, that the road to hell is paved with blaming others–and that the way out is The Work of Byron Katie.

I now know that there is no place within me that I cannot visit and safely return because I have the 4 questions and the turnarounds. I have returned from this inner hell as a kinder, more loving human being, more open to others and having more space within. Having done The Work on my mother, she is back into my life although she died years ago. I went from rejecting her and being motherless, to accepting her and loving her, and therefore to being happier and more loving to myself. What changed was to look at what I was thinking…amazing, wonderful…and the way to freedom!

With The Work, I know that it’s always irrespective of whom or what you are thinking that causes suffering. It turns out to be our own thoughts that separate and cause pain.

I love facilitating The Work. I have a Masters Degree in counseling and I have also been trained as a Gestalt Therapist, and a Hypnotherapist.

I would also love to join you on your journey to find inner peace, and to find space from stressful thoughts. I know what its like to feel rejected and lost and to come out on the other side. My focus is to work with people intensely, on a short-term basis. I specialize in working with all kinds of relationships and mediations within small businesses. I would like to join you in finding your way back to a kinder, peaceful and respectful place within you. I am available in person or by phone to be with you.

Dutch, English
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