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Shar Arnaud

Before The Work, I had spent much time looking for inner peace and freedom through personal therapy and other healing modalities. As a child and young adult I struggled with the effects of sexual abuse, violence, trauma, and addiction. As a mother of four I was committed to breaking the cycle. I had profound moments of clarity, however they would be overshadowed or undone by moments of feeling overwhelmed, frozen, and stuck. I would beat myself up thinking I’ve done all this work. How can I still feel like this? In 2011, my daughter suffered a traumatic brain injury, a significant business ended in bankruptcy, and we walked away from our family home. Life as I knew it collapsed. I was drawn to a five-day Byron Katie event. While there, I found a way to unravel what my mind had made all of this struggle mean (She won’t be OK, I won’t be OK, we’ve lost everything, I have no home, etc…) As a result of questioning these beliefs, love, compassion, and understanding began to return.

Finding The Work opened a way, and a how, to invite moments of confusion instead of hiding from them. Using my stories as a point of mediation and a way into Inquiry, The Work taught me to catch the thought, and identify what I was thinking and believing. It taught me to write it down, ask the questions, get still, and wait. It shows me a way back to stillness. By allowing, one at a time, the parts that are too scared to surface, The Work nurtures me in accepting ALL of me, being soft with myself, and walking lightly in our world.

I have been a counsellor in private practice for over 25 years. The Work is my primary tool for assisting others to find clarity. I offer The Work in individual and group sessions, and on several retreats each year including a women’s retreat in Costa Rica.

Life with The Work supports my personal freedom. The Work is a part of my life as much as breathing is. It is an ongoing practice that I live and allows me constant contact and connection with truth. I question anything and everything that causes suffering.

It is my heart’s desire to move The Work forward in our world. Love, Shar

Canada, Ontario
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