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Sujung Lim

my mom died too early
only if she had been alive, my life would have been better
my dad doesn’t know how to love
my stepmom isn’t fair
I’ve lost 10 years in my life
I’m a failure
I’m confused, don’t know what to do, where to go, completely lost.
Can you imagine what life it would have been if someone had believed these thoughts… very strongly? This was me until 2008 before I met The Work. As a successful woman who appeared to be to others, inside I was collapsing dramatically since my late 20s. I turned from a brave, confident, fearless woman to a timid and fearful woman with no confidence. Expecting the next day to be different, I used to go to bed praying to god. When I woke up to find nothing changed every morning, I struggled in despair and felt hopeless. There my seeking started hoping to find a way out and The Work came to me in 2008. I found The Work difficult and not interesting at first but somehow it kept coming to me and finally when I watched Katie’s videos on YouTube, something touched my heart and I felt a shiver in my body. Inside me, I heard a voice ‘this is it!’ and I found me signing up for The School in October 2008.
I can’t forget the moment I did The Work on ‘my mom died too early’ at the first School. The turnaround ‘I died too early’ was such a great shock that I felt like a big hammer hit my head and in that moment I saw me as a movie film passing by so fast. They were the images of me who lived life like an emotionally dead girl who suppressed anger, sadness, fear without expressing what I wanted since my mom died. I was able to see how the turnaround was so true… how I died so early as a little girl. That’s where my Work journey started and I’ve been doing The Work since then.

And my thoughts now changed to

my mom lived fully
my life is good as it is
my dad loves me in his way
my stepmom cares about me
I’ve gained 10 years in my life
I’m a success
I’m clear, know what to do, where to go, completely on the right path
It wouldn’t be difficult to imagine what life it would be to someone who believes these thoughts. Literally, my life transformed due to The Work. All the relationships with my parents, family, friends, colleagues, money and myself are different now. Well, it hasn’t been an easy path and I still struggle from time to time these days. However, I’m not afraid like before because I know I have a very reliable tool, The Work.
I have worked on loss of family members, controlling parents, abuse, anxiety, fear of anxiety, bankruptcy, money, fear of losing identity, fear of losing everything, etc.

The Work isn’t the only way to find peace and freedom and yet I found it very powerful to make a difference in our life on many areas. If anyone wants to experience the power of The Work, I strongly recommend DOING The Work and taste the ‘Loving What Is’.

I am a representative of TheU center and currently working as a Certified Facilitator of The Work. I deliver The Work at universities and community centers and have been facilitating people around the world with The Work on various issues as a person/group.

South Korea
English, Korean
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