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Tamara Alferoff

Since I began doing The Work in 2002, I have come to see that those things that appeared hurtful, wrong, and damaging in my life — parents’ divorce, my own protracted divorce and separation from my children, illness, accidents, and even my father’s suicide — viewed through the laser-pure lens of Inquiry, have truly become the source of the deepest realizations, understanding, and gifts to me.

As a mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, and therapist and trainer, living in the huge metropolis of London, stress and strife can still arise; only now I notice they quickly disperse, and if not, I bring my thoughts and judgments (about myself or others or the world at large) to Inquiry, and my argument with reality simply dissolves into clarity and even fun. My friends and family can confirm that I’m just nicer to be with, and I learn more about love every day.

In a lifetime of searching — literature, philosophy, art, yoga, meditation, therapies, dream and process work — and in 30 years practice as a Transpersonal Psychotherapist, nothing has come close to the power, elegance, and simplicity of the four questions and the turnarounds in lifting the veils of my opinionated “I-know” mind to reveal the freedom, beauty and joy that lie beneath my stressful, painful thinking. It has radically reformed the way I practice and teach therapy.

Even, especially, in these times of violence, economic misery, and widespread scandal in social care, The Work unfailingly brings me to a sense of gratitude and peace, and consequently more availability in times of need. My world has grown closer to fearless, loving, and free, and I have yet to find an issue that is not responsive to The Work. I warmly invite you to bring to Inquiry your difficulties in: Relationships, Family, Fear (eg. flying, heights, social phobias), Pain and Illness, Depression and Anxiety, Body Image, Abortion, Aging, Death and Loss, Work and Money, Love, World Issues, or Spiritual Angst.

By Skype, phone, and face-to-face I work worldwide with individuals, couples, and groups. I facilitate events, workshops, and residential retreats for deepening your practice. It is my privilege to place my experience, humanity, and skill at your service, so that you can begin to unfold and explore those thoughts and beliefs that cause the suffering in your life. Your task is to bring your willingness to allow The Work to work.

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