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Tammy K. Mock-Andrejowich

A scholar of Conflict Resolution and Sociology (B.A. Honours) and International Peace Studies (M.A.), peace and unpeace have fascinated me since I was a child in the school yard. At the age of 31, life threw me what l could not have anticipated. Overnight I became a single parent, alone in a foreign country and alone for communicating in a foreign language: I had lost my employment, social network, and my home. After a year of receiving help from many different actors and being a receiver of the very resolution and de-escalation methods I had studied, the confusion, craziness, and chaos did not let up. I noticed I needed a method that made my peace, my business, and independent of the uncontrollable events around me.

One June day in 2013, my re-employment instructor privately approached me after class, and said: “Tammy, you need The Work. You need to use it on your lawyer, your bystander, and on your husband”. That evening after putting my daughter to bed I pulled my laptop out, brought up www.thework.com, and sat there until “I got it”. The first thought I worked through was: “I need my daughter to listen to me”.

Since that warm sunny evening in 2013, I have not put The Work down and it has become the staple in my every day, serving me clarity and gentleness daily. I have tested The Work on everything life has served me: international child abduction; child abuse; emotional, physical and identity abuse; trust and fairness; marital separation and divorce; communicating, understanding, misunderstanding, learning, and writing in a foreign language; living at the financial existential minimum; child rearing; the court and court cases; civil servants; friendship; integration and isolation; employment and unemployment; money, poverty, and wealth; possessions and consumerism; family and distance; flight and migration; parenthood and partnership; schizophrenia, suicide, cancer, death, teaching, leadership, researching, paying bills, sex, time, now, and everything else.

The world dazzles me from “I do not know” mind. The effects of the peace and love that inquiry connects me to and with, was for me previously unfathomable. Self-realisation is an incredible gift where generosity and gratitude overwhelm. The subtle shift that takes place in the mind can have incalculable effects on us and our world. The Work brings me to love freely, genuinely, and without condition. And when the joy lessens, or I experience that more or less subtle kick in the stomach, or a condition raises, I received it as an invitation to stillness. Everything is happening for me. That is my business.

What I love about The Work is that it is free (peace is free) and simple (four consistent questions and turnarounds) and still (amongst the crazy horror movies life sometimes seems to be), and above all, it is a reliable short cut that carries me from suffering to peace.

And sometimes it feels as if it were life threatening to question our stories, and sometimes it is much easier done with support. I invite you to stillness and to space to experience where your tears turn to laughter. I invite you to freedom. I welcome you to contact me. I am here to serve you. I prefer to facilitate The Work on Skype or FaceTime. I am fluent in English, French, and German.

Since 2014 I am a part time instructor in the Department of Social Work at The University of Applied Science in St. Gallen, Switzerland; I teach on topics of human interaction, integration, development, human rights and peace-building processes, and The Work in Leadership. Together with The Emil and Maria Kern Foundation, we are developing a new project to offer further support for single-parent life systems. In addition, I host workshops, events, and individual sessions in The Work of Byron Katie.

English, French, German
++ 41 78 878 06 22
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