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Tanya Murphy

I am a certified Facilitator of The Work, an Art of Feminine presence teacher, and a Lomi Lomi Hearts Work massage therapist based in Hobart, Tasmania. I offer one to one, (in-person, skype, and phone) workshops and retreats. In my practice I work with people from diverse backgrounds, people in prisoner, addictions, relationships, couples, weight issues, work, divorce etc. I am open to working with any issue.

For most of my life I had no idea how truly unhappy, sad, and angry I was! I would experience situational depression, deep feelings of loneliness and sadness. At times my energy levels where so low yet I would push through life with the feeling of dragging an anchor behind me. To outsiders I looked like a happy-go-lucky laid-back person. I experienced health issues that I thought and blamed for the cause of my depression, resentment, and low energy. Along the way I had tried many different things that would help me for a while then life presented me with something I didn’t understand and couldn’t control, no matter how hard I tried, bang, back down the hole I would go. I was on a search for the “Enlightened Happiness” peace, which was like looking for a needle in a haystack. I found that external things like relationships, friends, holidays, cars etc, only gave me happiness for a short time than I would be back searching for it again. It became an obsession.

Along the way I become more self-aware and that realization started me on an amazing journey. I discovered what I had known deep down for a long time that I was a prisoner of my own thoughts and beliefs. I could see the pattern, yet I could not change it. I would wish, hope and pray that others and life would change. What a waste of time and energy that was.

I heard about The Work of Byron Katie yet through my own ignorance I thought it was too simple, and nearly dismissed it all together. Within 5 minutes of attending my first workshop I was in tears, tears of joy at the message I had received from my heart. The Work of Byron Katie was my key to truth, peace, and happiness.

Through Inquiry I come out of denial and came to see my problems from an entirely different perspective. I now live in more internal peace and ultimately like, love myself and others better. Inquiry allows me to put my mind in its rightful place as a servant and tool rather than the director of my life. It allows my heart to open and receive what I was previously unable to see. I am living now, life is vibrant and exciting, and I now look forward to life showing me the way rather than me pushing and shoving to find it.

This process changed my life, my energy levels increased, I learned to be gentle and kind with myself, I found the peace and happiness that I was searching for within myself, and in turn I find that the world now reflects that back to me.

Australia, Tasmania
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