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Tim Miller

I have been a student of self-inquiry for many years. In 2004 I was introduced to Katie and The Work. Katie’s open, loving heart and deep form of inquiry was a blessing to me, having recently ended a 20-year marriage. I saw people make major shifts in short periods of time after doing The Work. And I experienced that myself over and over again as I examined my own thoughts and beliefs about my marriage, my relationships, and my career.

It’s a great relief to affirm that the only thing that can cause me pain, stress, frustration, or unhappiness is my belief in my thoughts. As Katie has often said, “Suffering is optional.” The more I did The Work, the easier and more relaxed my life became. I learned that I don’t have to fix or change anybody or anything to be happy and that does not mean I don’t lead a very active life.

Loving What Is is such a simple elegant concept. And I was someone who loved to make things complicated! The Work untangles everything and consistently takes me back to my sweet, kind Self.

I have always fancied myself to be eminently practical. As a “seeker”, I have studied and tested many paths. Spiritual stories and spiritual goals can be very stressful. At the end of the day, I have always come back to simple inquiry, as the easiest and most graceful way to find happiness and peace. I love that I have this wonderful tool to take me back to my Self, my Heart, over and over again.

I found The Work to be a lifesaver as I negotiated my rocky path of divorce. I am a father of three adopted children, now all teenagers. The Work is a never ending blessing in helping me find acceptance in the midst of adolescent challenges.

I have owned and operated a very active consulting practice for some 25 years, and manage a staff of employees on a day-to-day basis. Using inquiry to address financial, client, and personnel issues has been life saving, particularly during the recession of recent times. It has brought me great peace of mind.

As a volunteer, I continue to teach The Work to staff and inmates in the New York State prison system. Through that experience I came to see that people are the same, regardless of background and history, regardless of where you live or what you’ve done. As Katie says, there are no new stories.

Since 2005 I have spent hundreds of hours facilitating people from all walks of life. It is a never-ending joy and learning experience for me. When you question your beliefs, I also get to question mine.

I am available by appointment on a limited basis for one-on-one facilitations. I am also available for workshop presentations.

To request an appointment, send me an email, and I will find a mutual time to work with you.

New York, United States
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