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Tom Compton

In my experience The Work doesn’t leave anything out. Since applying The Work on a daily basis how I relate with every aspect of my life, every person in my life has radically changed. All of my relationships, interactions, thoughts, feelings, events, anything my attention goes to, with The Work becomes a gift, a kiss, a kindness, a receiving that leaves me grateful and excited about life.

The Work is continually opening me to more life enhancing and inclusive ways of dealing with “what is” in my life. It helps me take responsibility, to see clearly my part in what unfolds day to day freeing me of the role of victim. It enables me to acknowledge, “I did that, that happened, these are the results” and frees me to begin now.

The Work has been a tremendous gift in helping me to identify past hurts and the thoughts that support these hurts, which in my experience until they are met continue to run and complicate my life. It has become automatic now, for me, to notice when there is not space within myself for what is and to begin to search for the story I am telling that would move me to oppose what is (hopeless) rather than working with what is. Over and over again The Work is showing me that the worst that can happen in life will bring me my freedom through the next thing to work on.

I am available to work privately with groups, organizations, individuals, couples and children in person or by phone. I love this work and the real life changing insights it gives, to set up an appointment or ask questions call or e-mail.

Oregon, United States
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