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Tony Carlin

What got me first interested in learning about The Work was working on conflict resolution with a group of youth workers in the Balkans. My friend and colleague introduced us all to The Work. What most impressed me initially was that the results were great. It seemed to me that I was able to facilitate people with difficult conflicts to successful conclusions, and I wasn’t even trained in this method. This approach worked better than approaches I had spent years in learning. It was more accessible, direct and powerful. It was also empowering in that it gave the user independence and an everyday tool for freedom. I was really impressed and decided to train in it.

Like giving water to a thirsty plant, this has been a great decision.

The biggest change in my life from doing The Work is greater acceptance – of myself, other people and life itself.

Before I started doing The Work I didn’t realise that my default position was trying to change myself – I was okay as long as I felt good, confident, strong, in the flow, sexy, attractive, creative. If I felt anything less (which was the vast majority of the time) I didn’t accept myself and was constantly at war with who I was. I looked to others for self-acceptance. I would eventually get depressed and look for powerful experiences to get myself in the flow of life again. It now still amazes me that all I need for a peaceful life is to explore what I’m believing in this moment.

When I was in conflict with others previous to learning how to do The Work I felt like I was in a washing machine, being painfully tossed around and around by the same thoughts. This could last for hours, days, even years. Now I know how to take the individual thoughts and, if I can be open, get to the truth within minutes.

My specialities are self-esteem issues, worries and fears around family, health, safety, money, presentations, communication issues, conflict with others and forgiveness.

My current profession is a facilitator of The Work. I have offered and continue to offer The Work to individuals, groups and organisations as an antidote to stress and as a vital ingredient in self-esteem, mental health education, conflict resolution, teamwork, communication skills and community relations.

I have explored and experienced many great approaches to resolving personal problems. To me The Work is the one I trust the most. The facilitator and client are learning equals. It would be my pleasure and joy to do The Work with you.

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