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Valli Waugh

I thought I grew up in a dysfunctional hellish family. I thought I was kicked out of home, was unloved and unlovable. A victim. I blamed. They were the cause, the problem. Through The Work I discovered that all that was really going on was, I had believed my dysfunctional, hellish thoughts. Suddenly, my family became functional and loving. Their function was to be who they were. That was their love. I was kicking myself, and them out of home. My home called the heart. This was all through innocently believing my thoughts!! I’d never questioned them.

The Work has shown me that it is never the person, incident or issue, that causes me pain. It’s what I believe about it that causes the suffering. Stress is now an opportunity. It’s a door to peace. And The Work is the key.

It doesn’t matter what you think you, or they, have done. Your stressful thoughts are invited to The Work, whatever they may be. It’s all welcome.

Aukland, New Zealand
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