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Wendy Davidson

As a young child I would often lay on the ground in the dark, gaze at the night sky and look into the stars. I remember feeling that all was right in my world. I felt connected, at home, peaceful.

Then at the age of 8 my father died, suddenly. He drowned. Purposely, some suspect. As a child, I did not understand my father’s depression nor the mental illness that ran through his family, randomly carrying others on its tidal wave. I felt guilt, shame, not good enough and a deep sadness which became abiding unhappiness. I stopped looking at the sky. The stars went out.

From then on I lived my life on alert, looking for the next danger. I believed there was always something that could go wrong. I would try to control everything in my life and in the lives of others, particularly of those close to me. There was always something that might go wrong and I needed to manage it, control it, fix it. Nothing was ever right or good enough, including me! I used anger, criticism, and blame toward others and the world.

The Work helped me to unravel my learnt distrust. I learnt to notice when I’m on alert looking for the next danger and now find myself smiling at my old habits and need for control. It’s such a relief to understand that those long held beliefs and habits of anger, criticism, blame, and even self-loathing are simply reflections of a fearful mind.

With The Work in my life I notice that peace, laughter, and my sense of fun are reignited. My relationships with family, friends, and colleagues are more relaxed. And within myself, I feel more at ease, connected and peaceful. Just like I felt as I looked into the stars all those years ago. With The Work by my side, I continue to grow and enjoy life more wholeheartedly.

I offer The Work privately in person, via Skype, or phone. I also offer workshops, facilitation, and training for groups and organisations.

I welcome the opportunity to share The Work and its empowering simplicity.

Australia, South Australia
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