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Prove That You Love Me—The Work of Byron Katie®

Video Description: 
At the 2018 New Year's Mental Cleanse in Los Angeles, a woman sits with Byron Katie and questions the thought “I want him to buy me a T.V.” After the woman reads her thoughts about the situation, Katie says, “You actually just want him to prove himself. Notice how you treat him, how you feel, the look on your face, any stress in your legs, your chest, your shoulders, when you believe that it’s the television you want. Does your facial expression change? Do you punish him? Do you do the opposite: hide out in a smile? Your authentic answers always come from witnessing how you are in that moment with him.” The woman gets quiet enough to notice that she can do The Work on her painful thoughts and, through inquiry, have a more loving relationship with herself and her boyfriend. Katie agrees. “You’re a person who knows that there’s a way out.” "Love is connectedness. It is its own proof." —Byron Katie Website: Webcasts: Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: © 2018 Byron Katie International. Inc. All rights reserved.