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Tools to Do The Work

The Work Essentials

PDF The following are free PDF files available for you to download. (For downloads in other languages, see below.)

Do The Work Helpline

Call and do The Work with Institute for The Work of Byron Katie volunteer facilitators. Click here to go to the Do The Work Helpline.

Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet App (for iPad)

The Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet App lets you write down your stressful thoughts and investigate each of them using the four questions and the turnarounds of The Work of Byron Katie.


The Work App

The Work App puts The Work at your fingertips, with Byron Katie guiding you step by step. The way to peace of heart—anytime, anywhere.

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Find a Certified Facilitator Near You

Click here to find Certified Facilitators around the world.

The Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet (translated)