Witness The Work

Witnessing other people working with the four questions and turnarounds can offer a glimpse, even an experience, of the power of inquiry. As you watch, notice how it is possible to relate by finding a similar situation in your own life. You can also travel with the person working with Katie by listening and envisioning what he or she describes.

Introduction to Inquiry

Why Write It Down? (6:55)

Wrong Decision (02:45)

He Owes Me (02:38)

He Lied to Me (00:55)

Tears into Laughter (14:10)

Family and Parenting

Video Games and Violence (12:37)

I Want Mom to Be Happy (40:44:00)

My Daughter Won’t Forgive Me (46:07:00)

My Mother Doesn’t Want to Know Me (34.22)

My Mother Shamed Me (49:07:00)

My Daughter Engages in Risky Sexual Behavior (12:22)

Trash, Working-Mother Guilt, and Bedtime Crashers — The Work on Parenting: Session Two (1:32:03)

My Son is Weird — Is It True? (15:49)

My Mother Abandoned Me for Alcohol (46:01)


Being Gay is Unnatural — Is It True? (39:35:00)

Do you really need a partner to be happy? (33:52)

He Criticizes Me (38:46:00)

He Gave Up on Me (33:22:00)

He Lied To Me. Is it True? (19:13)

Why Isn’t He Vulnerable? (26:04:00)

Fear, Shame, and Suffering

I’m Afraid of Trump (37:25:00)

Racism (10:53)

Something is Wrong With Me (9:58)

The Way Out (20:10)

Finding Asylum (1:16:19)

How to Stop Violence in the World (9:59)

Death and Dying

My Daughter Was Killed in a Car Accident (40:32:00)

Fathers Don’t Die (10:06)

I’m Going To Be Bombed — The Work of Byron Katie (11:07)

She Won’t Let Go of Her Daughter’s Death (4:42)

Thank You for Dying on Time (5:19)

Money, Finance, and Work

He Destroys My Self-Esteem (1:03:50)

I Made the Wrong Decision: The Work in Business (6:29)

I’m Not Living Up To My Full Potential (Part 1) (10:59)

I’m Not Living Up To My Full Potential (Part 2) (9:04)

Is Money the Problem? (6:45)

Health, Body, and Self

The Gift of Chronic Pain (7:15)

Can The Work Cure Allergies? (14:29)

I’m too Fat ( Part 1) (4:16)

I’m too Fat (Part 2) (3:45)

I Hate My Body (8:17)

Cancer — The Unimaginable (6:06)

How Can I Ever Forgive Myself? (17:38)

Interviews with Byron Katie

How to End Suffering (49:30:00)

A Kinder World—Jannecke Øinæs Interviews Byron Katie (56:31:00)

How to be Successful (56:55:00)

Interview with Josh Blau Excerpt (2:44)

Bosses, Tsunamis, and Global Warming (1:08:43)

Interview: Uncovering Happiness Symposium (38:01:00)

Spiritual Rape, the Ego, and Unconditional Love — The Work of Byron Katie (48:15:00)

How to Fill in a Worksheet

Filling Out the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet (7:19)

Filling out the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet (15:29)

Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet (10:09)