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Finding The Work

Dear Katie,

I’ve come across The Work by chance, or so it seems. Was searching the web for something I completely forgot about afterwards (obviously wasn’t important) and there was a link to your website. I was curious and went to have a look. I now often think that was not my decision, it was something decisive happening through me.

I was thrilled when I discovered The Work, and I started doing it immediately. It’s already brought a tremendous opening in my life and I got somewhat “addicted” to it. Sometimes it’s not easy to do it, it’s not easy to look at the truth in the eye. I feel as though I have something to hold on to and, if I look thoroughly at it, as The Work always invites me to do(!), I’ll be left with nothing. Only that’s exciting too!

I’m deeply grateful. Thank you for keeping The Work available in the net, allowing all of us to share this fabulous experience! I’ve ordered your books through, because I’m fortunate enough to be able to read in English. And was a bit disappointed for not being able to share The Work with colleagues, friends and clients (I’m a Reiki and floral therapist) in a Portuguese translation. Can you imagine? I was doing some Christmas shopping and was absolutely speechless as I saw your book Loving What Is on a shelf . . . and in Portuguese, of course. It has been newly published here in Portugal, and I’ve already bought it as a Christmas present for a friend. Reality is indeed perfect!

My very best and grateful regards,


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