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An Email from Tamar in Israel

hey, my name is tamar and i don’t really have a question right now. i would like this e-mail to be a direct line of gratitude to katie.

i had heard her name for the last few years, but never got deep into the work. last week i was at my father’s home and saw a pamphlet of katie coming to israel. something deep in my being urged me to visit her web site when i got home, and I’ve been doing that daily since and starting to recognize the endless opportunities of the work. it is endless beauty for me, and i thank you for that.

the reason I’m writing this letter is that today was my first day of manifesting the work in my relationship with my lover. after talking to him and really listening to him and giving him the chance to be as he is and by that being me, i saw his beautiful essence. what became present since then is a sense of responsibility in my life, and even though I’m still new to this process, my being is at peace more than with any of the stories i have been telling myself for my 33 years of life (and believe me, they were big glorified stories attached to a never-satisfied ego).

thank you, katie, from the essence of my being. thank you, thank you, and thank me 🙂
with love,

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