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Email: A Response to “I’m afraid of war”

Dear Katie,

I just saw the video “I’m afraid of war” from Israel which you included in the latest Newsletter.

I went through the inquiry for myself together with the Israeli woman, and I felt it applicable to every single stressful thought I ever had, which were all thoughts where I was at war with reality. That video is so incredibly powerful, it helped me at last fully assimilate the 300 or so inquiry worksheets I have written so far, I cried all the way though it and kept crying for some time afterwards, I guess it was all this accumulated tension leaving my body.

And what you told about doing inquiry with the veterans and your examples of the man burning to death and about having ones leg blown off, helped me at last feel deep inside my bones the deep meaning of your response to my email to the Parlor about when I was attacked and which had not fully sunk in until now. It would be helpful if some examples of explicit inquiries about physical harm could be published, and I understand why that is not always possible.

I have been doing Inquiry since January, have done about 300 inquiry worksheets so far and am doing about three new ones each day. I have now learned to go very deep inside and usually it takes me 30 to 60 minutes and 4 pages of writing to do each Inquiry. So I do not do two inquiries in a row because I need some time to let each one fully sink in. I also feel quite exhausted sometimes after a deep inquiry. I have learned to sit there waiting patiently with my pen in my hand because I have noticed that sometimes the deepest and most surprising answers to the questions take a while to come up, once the quick and easy ones are already on paper. I hope that I am not exaggerating with this, since the inquiries that have been published in your books and tapes seem to be so much shorter and quicker.

For the past few weeks I have been noticing that from time to time a little “Inquiry computer program” seems to start running inside my head when I think a stressful thought. So far it is only about the “easy” ones but I love the new experience.

I hope to attend October School in LA. I still have so much work to do on myself and I also know that I learn a lot from other people’s inquiries. And at some point in the future I hope to be able to contribute in some way to bringing The Work to more people around the world.

Thank you very much, Katie!


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