Another Letter from Malawi


From Facilitator of The Work, Kondwani, in Africa: The whole of last week I was doing the work with women in Malawi. Stella, in the green golf shirt has been inviting friends to read The Little Book and telling them what The Work is all about. I facilitated two women last week and they are free from their problem. One of them was abandoned by her husband 16 months ago. She is left with baby twins, about 8 months each. She was married some three years ago and now, the husband is nowhere to be found. She was telling me her story, though so sad, she doesn’t have any support for the babies, and she depends on well wishers.She lives about 12 miles away and she traveled all the way just to hear about the wonder of The Work.

Some of the women don’t even know how to write and read and we have been reading them the contents of The Little Book and explaining it sentence by sentence, and we do oral facilitation with them. Some do write and read and I am planning to print out some worksheets so that they practice how to fill it in and also practice asking the four questions and turning around their thought.


Learn more about Kondwani’s efforts in Malawi here >>


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