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The Work in Spanish

Laura Saavedra (a Certified Facilitator of The Work) reports from Puerto Rico about moving The Work in Latin America >>


Yolanda Zumaeta offered workshops in Cali, Colombia last month, also in Lima, Peru after the quake. She is now back to Peru for more conferences/presentations at two Universities! She also went to Spain (Madrid) and Venezuela. I went to Madrid in 2006 and in 2007 to Madrid and Vitoria. Liliana Delgado had a workshop in Bogota, Colombia. In Spain Brianda Domecq is very active with workshops–she lives there. And a new member of our MSN The Work group, psychologist Lidia Gamboa already invited Mariana den Hollander for some more workshops in Spain! I am training Lidia via our MSN Internet group to facilitate in our group. We have 763 Spanish speaking members. Spain seems to be the most active now.

The book “Amar Lo Que Es” (Loving What Is) in Spanish is rarely available in Latin America, not even on Amazon! It is available in Spain.


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