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A Letter from Kathy Harris

The latest from Kathy Harris:

Dear Katie,
I just got off the phone with Antonio, who was recently paroled. The music on his cell phone was rap music with the words “It is what it is! Life is great!” He told me it’s his theme song—that it’s all about loving what is. He agreed to speak to the Rotary Club in Sausalito to tell them how The Work has changed his life. He is working at See’s Candy from 4 pm to 4 am & then goes to school to be a drug counselor and he intends to do The Work with his clients. He’s full of gratitude. He told me I’ll never know how much The Work Class has made a difference for him. The Court has agreed to his coming & giving testimony about the 17 year old who in a gang incident killed his (Antonio’s) son while he was in San Quentin taking The Work Class. The Work Class saved him from living in stories and rage. He wants this kid not to be put away for life. He wants him to have a life. He wants to be a part of stopping the anger & violence that comes from not questioning our thinking. Antonio is on fire, full of gratitude. His two case workers—Kenny, who you met at the Vet training & Ron—are both former inmates teachers at San Quentin now in Jacques’ program. They are helping Antonio with his drug counseling training & certification etc. It makes my heart sing to see this kind of support after someone leaves the prison. I said to Antonio maybe he wouldn’t be able to fit in The School with Katie in the spring because of his work & school & by then being a drug counselor. He said, “No way. I’m going to make the School happen, because it’s part of my training for working with drug counseling.”

I’m filled with joy & gratitude to see how The Work can make a difference in Antonio’s life. The first day I met him in The Work Class he sat there with his arms folded announcing he hated ignorance, judged his fellow inmates, said that life & others were making his life hell & that was the truth!!!!! To myself I’m thinking, “Oh boy, he’s going to be a lot of work.” And then he just took to The Work & I got to do my own piece of Work on judging him.

Sending love & gratitude,

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