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A Letter from Grant: Gratitude

Hi Katie,

It’s 11:30 pm. I was just on the Community site, looking briefly at the assignments for the Candidate Teleclasses coming up. Gratitude. Then I got off the site and listened to 20 min or so of you in a recording on facilitation “Who is Teacher” where you were doing the Work with a woman. What I heard is as facilitators we are asking the 4 questions, so we can hear them. They are for us to hear, even when we apparently ask the “client” the question. I love (slowly) waking up to that I have nothing to give to somebody. Gratitude. I thought about my life, and waking up to my wife Beth, who is away visiting her daughter in Texas. I am (slowly) seeing how I have never met her, my wife. Gratitude.

I am now listening to Jai Uttal while I type this note to you, as tears of gratitude are flowing…who knows why…who cares!! You have won my heart. It’s over!! Wow..even a little waking up is so delightful. Thank you again. I love bursting. I’d say, God Bless You…but I know you say “He already does”, so I’ll take it as my own blessing. Gratitude.


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