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A Letter from the Internet

My name is Jennifer, and I found The Work while online searching for a way to “unstick” my life. I didn’t quite understand at first, but then I read the book Loving What Is, and followed the counsel, I found a new person inside me. I have begun applying The Work to many areas of my life, but tonight I hit a most poignant false story that I wanted to share.

As I did The Work tonight, on underlying beliefs that were triggered by frustrations at my sister, I unearthed a powerful story inside me. I had been telling myself that I should not commit sins, when in fact I have and I do. I have been plagued in my life with anxiety and being overly careful about everything, censoring every area of my life. All of my thoughts went to picking over what I’d done and what I could do in the future that was wrong.

When I realized that it’s not true that I shouldn’t commit sins, my eyes were opened and I can now see. I can see that I keep God’s commandments because I love him, and that fear is not necessary for me to be obedient. When I discovered this, I put down my pen and just cried, because I could feel the love that God has for me, and I could feel the love I have for him, free of fear.

I was afraid that the fear in my former story was what was saving me. But when I considered for a brief moment that it wasn’t true, I realized that my love for the Savior and his love for me are what really save me each and every moment of every day, and it brought me to tears.

And it’s funny because in the moment that I knew that I should commit sins, the very things that have always tempted me seemed to disappear, forever.

God bless you, and thank you,

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