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An Email from E

Dear Katie:

As I came back from the School in April I started to have fearful thoughts about my body, not at all like me before, so I began to see “dangerous moles” and had them checked, then I went to see another the Doctor who said he felt my heart energy low and I should go to see a cardiologist, in the meantime I watched my mind and I new something deeper was moving on without having any clue what it was about.

Then one morning I found myself lecturing my husband about how hard his silence was for me, as I thought I had finished and went to get ready start my day and got into the shower a thought came to me: “Oh, my husbands silence is killing me!” – then a quick turnaround hit me, “my silence is killing me?” with a big question mark attached to it because I talk a lot, then like if I had been hit by thunderbolt I saw that I have never ever been able to express to anyone my fears, needs or desires or to ask for anything at all.

How true it was that my silence was killing me! and I saw how I had used my body as a shield to protect that deep silence, going to the extreme of willing to sacrifice it before opening up, so I have had threatening health issues in the past. All of this happened at the speed of light without even doing the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheets.

Needless to say that I spent the rest of the day overtaken by the clarity of my mind and the true power of The Work. All my secretly hidden capacity to love is out to the world now.

God bless you Katie you are truly a gift to the World! All my love to you,


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