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Email: Working through the loss of a father

Hi Katie,

Just wanted to thank you for The Work! It is truly amazing at shifting one’s beliefs and allowing healing to happen!

I stumbled onto your website some time ago, and bookmarked it, thinking: “I might try this at some point.”

Well, my Dad passed away a few weeks ago, and I’ve been having a very rough go of it since. My Mom passed away many years ago, so it stirred up stuff around her too.

Anyhow…before my Dad passed away, I had been struggling with this novel concept of looking after ME. I did some things to help me, and in the course of it, have gotten others very angry with me. So tonight, I found your website again, and printed off the worksheet with instructions. Then I happened to see your videos…and clicked on the one about ‘Father’. Wow! As you were talking to the gentleman on the video, I was Working thru my stuff…and I cannot believe how much better I feel already! By the way, my issue was the same!

My Work is far from done, but I feel the shift already and am very excited about this ‘new’ knowledge I have of myself!

I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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