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Letter from a Veteran

Dear Katie,

About a month ago, I was listening to a book-on-tape called “Miracles” by Stuart Wilde. In it he tells the story of a young woman who, like me, was searching for a miracle. As she was walking down the street, a truck drove by and dropped a book. That book changed her life dramatically for the better.

I was praying for just such a miracle in a book. I was in a thrift store called “My Lucky Day” wandering around aimlessly, lost, confused, and in so much pain. I kept saying, “I feel like I’m dying.” My therapist wanted me to commit myself. I’ve done that once before and it was like putting a band aid over a gaping wound.

I wanted to turn this break-down into a break-through. I was determined to! Air Force Training instructors told us, “we’re breaking you down so we can build you back the way we want you.”

I don’t want to be a war machine anymore though. I want the sparkle back in my eye, the bounce in my step that Mom said was gone when I got back from the war. And it’s my heart’s desire to help others do the same! I found your book Katie — Loving What Is — for 50 cents and that was my miracle and continues to be so!

Thank you!

With gratitude.


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