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Letter: “I’m worried because our country has lost its way”

Dear Katie,

I’m worried because I feel our country has lost its way.

Here’s how I did the four questions:

1) Is it true? Yes, yes, yes!

2) Can you absolutely know that its true? Yes.

3) How do you react when you believe that thought? I get very anxious and depressed. I worry about my future, the future of my children, and the future of our country. I get very upset. Sometimes I feel nauseous.

4) Who would you be without the thought? I’d be more relaxed. Happy. Lighter. I would look forward to the future, not dread it. I would have more energy to participate in it, to help change things and do my part.

Then I turned it around:

My country has not lost its way. Yes sometimes. Not everyone has. There are many people who are still doing the right thing – working for the environment, education, and justice for the poor.

I have lost my way. Yes that’s true. I’m not as optimistic as I was. I find fault with the government. I get in their business, not mine. Come to think of it, I sometimes do the same thing with my wife and children. Hmm. I often do the same thing with them.

I have lost my country’s way. That seems true, but I don’t really understand it. I have not been at all involved with political action, or with writing my elected representatives to push for the measures I support. So I guess that I’m the one who has lost our way not only for me but for us.

Thanks for everything,


Dear Jeremy,

Keep questioning your mind, sweetheart. Know the difference between your business and our business, and stay in your business. And who knows? You may end up on November 4th in the voting booth, happy and free, knowing that you are doing what you can do.

Loving you,


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